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Wild on make up: lavender lids & tangerine lips

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Are you a sucker for a beautiful smile with a bit of gap- tooth action? We are!

This week, our #Over2U model/confidence course beauty tutor (she’s been teaching make up for the Wellington Institute of Technology for four years), OLIVIA WILD of WILD ON MAKE UP, flew to Auckland to join the rest of her pack (us) to video and photograph a few models and talent, do some directing, hair & make up, styling and even managed to sneak in a cheeky little WILD ON MAKE UP YouTube vid of one of our fave SCOUTS and multi-talented musicians, 62 MODELS' PHOEBE WALSH (we’ll be sharing more on her talents soon, watch this space).

Here’s a teaser of one of OLIVIA’s favorite color combos in lavender lids and tangerine lips. OLIVIA videoed, styled, directed and did the hair & makeup for PHOEBE (is there no end to both these women’s talents?)! Full vid TBR next week!

Check out more HERE if you want to know how do blue eye shadow and everything in-between, and be sure to subscribe to WILD ON MAKE UP’s YouTube Channel for heaps of cool BTS videos for some fun stuff on make up!

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