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"Say what?" #3

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Welcome to "SAY, WHAT?"

Quotes and sayings are little gems loaded with succinct, pithy bites of words that get you thinking, inspire or motivate and/or help you understand something, someone or a situation easier. They say a lot more than just the words you read too.

And while I’m constantly inspired by many greats, living and who've walked the planet before us, and shared their pearls of wisdom, I encounter people who come up with gems in everyday life.

This inspired "SAY, WHAT?", a place where people share quotes and sayings they’ve either made up or taken old favorites, jigged around and expanded upon to then call their own.

Today’s "SAY, WHAT?" comes from me. Working with one of my clients, I was explaining how imperative it is we stop, be still and look around for opportunity as it's often right underneath our noses, rather than tiring ourselves out from rushing around relentlessly pursuing it:

Take from it what you want. And if you have a great quote and/or saying that's all yours, send it in to me with your name and a brief explanation as to what inspired it. I’ll be posting my favorites on a regular basis!

Thanks for joining me! If you find stuff here that could be useful to someone, share it.

Until next time,

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