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Q:Does music save lives? A:YES

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

I kind of fell into a lot of struggles with alcohol and wasn’t the best kid at school. So, I was trying to figure out what I could hold on to. I got really depressed when I was a teenager, and I really needed something to hold onto, and I found that music was really, like, my saving grace, in essence. The passion [and] the power that music has, the emotion that music can bring to you, the strength… I really started to see how powerful it was."–Jake Luhrs, August Burns Red

Did music save your life, too? What songs do you hold on to or start singing in your head when times get tough? Did you know that music is debated as one of the biggest life-savers in the world? This story's about how music is a life saver, and how I've discovered two gorgeous boys who write and play music (The MacBros-see a video below).

I remember growing up like it was yesterday (it wasn’t). Having such a tough childhood meant my teen years in particularly were some of the hardest of my life.

And when it got really dark, I’d resort to the one thing that could make me believe everything would be ok. Maybe not right now, not today, or tomorrow even. But somewhere along the line, I would be ok as long as I had MUSIC.

I can unequivocally say music saved my life. And I know I’m not the only one still walking the planet because of the life-line of music. For me, it was DEVO, the whacky, mad scientists of synth geniuses who had album covers where they sported potatos for bodies and others with zoot-suits and flower-pot hats. They were wearing wicked short suits with mad hats for WHIP IT when Pharrell was only but a teen.

Their creative and fashion eye would match if not surpass many in today's time as welll. The video for WHIP IT is fashion (short suits with long socks, high-waisted jeans) meets Brokeback meets Dolce & Gabana corsets meets Mariacarla Boscno with a splash of Quentin Tarantino madness... And that was just one video. Yes. I worshipped DEVO.

It was the ‘80’s, the days of scratched records that sometimes skipped vital parts of the verses. You'd kick yourself when you stupidly left your precious record in the sun, it got warped. Scratched and warped? Not good. Back to tape cassettes. We had transistor radios too, though. When FM was born, that was good!

It’s heavily debated all over the internet if music saves lives or not (more in favor that it does). One thing’s for certain, though, music is one of the most powerful ways to bond people together and music is one heck of a memory-link. Celebrations, for example, often leave song in our hearts long after the joy of the event. Every time we hear certain songs, we’re immediately and magically transported back to occasions, celebrations and people, no matter where we are.

And it’s the cheapest fun to Cut Footloose like 55 year old Kevin Bacon here (what a legend!) and dance like a crazy to a favorite song. Then there’s singing at the top of your lungs, whether it’s at a concert or party, in the shower, or smashing it out into your hairbrush in your room. Doesn’t matter how out of tune you are, music runs through you, into you.

So with the multitude of challenges teens face these days - way more than what we encountered ‘in our day’, their need for music is not just a want, IT’S A NECESSITY. You only have to catch a glimpse of the success of our LORDE for case in point.

Music as a serious form of expression and communication, relief and therapy. I was stoked when I was out and about and scouted these two hotties in BEN and WIREMU MCCARTHY, aka the MacBros.

They’re on my SCOUT page, both placed for modeling and television work Ben with UNIQUE MODELS and WIREMU with 62 Models.

Better still, I asked them some BIG QUESTIONS and discovered they play and create their own music. They’ve started writing their own songs inspired by stuff they’ve been through, what’s going on in the world and how they see it.

RYAN META and I wanted to record them just so people can begin to hear as well as see them. Because I reckon these boys are ones to watch for more than just their cute faces, cheeky grins and cut abs.

Check out their video and some of the lyrics to their song, BETTER DAY.

A special thanks goes out to KINGSIZE STUDIOS for allowing us to use your space as our lounge for these guys.

And thanks to you, DEVO for saving my life. I've lived to tell some tales (and impact other people's lives in my own way) from taking some of your simple advice: ‘When a problem comes along, You must whip it, Before the cream sets out too long, You must whip it, When something's goin' wrong, You must whip it, Go forward, Move ahead, Try to detect it, It's not too late, To whip it, WHIP IT GOOD.’

BETTER DAY - a snippet of the lyrics.

'Look at the good in your life that you have, every second is precious, so spend it with good intentions and you'll be glad.

That you understand love is superior to any drug, simply addicted because we can’t get enough of the stuff.

Just don't lose sight of what’s important in life, just the fact your heart is beating mean you’re doing all right.

In comparison to horrific conditions that many people must live in, but can attain happiness with the little they’re given.

Better off alone is what you said, as I begged to try to help you isolation is what messed with your head

Take a breath to comprehend the mass of people you'll affect, so decisions of committing suicide, minimize instead of spread

with thoughts abandoning regret, begin wandering through life in attempts to find the shining path ahead

‘Cause it is prevalent, and anybody can acquire, an open-minded outlook rewired to inspire

A movement, of any group of humans, immune to the confusion, a racism-depleted revolution

Just be happy and content with everything you have

‘cause life is all about living don't let the judgement hold you back!

I won't let negativity, get a hold of me, got to look on the bright side of everything.

And if you're feeling down, and life gets tough and nothing is going your way, there will always be a better day.'

Well said, boys. Well said.

Thanks for joining me! If you see something here that could be useful to someone, share it.

Until next time,

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