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I talk in / visibility in next mag

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

''The power of visibility can never be underestimated'' - Margaret Cho

Do you ever feel invisible, whether it be in your career, fashion, beauty and style, motherhood, relationships or life in general? And what do you do to get noticed? Is it for all the right reasons? How can you be more visible without stamping your spikey high heels over and on others in your stand to be counted? Do you photoshop your face on to covers of magazines?

‘Sticking your head above the parapet demands courage… but it will change your life in ways you never imagined.’ – Rebecca Barry Hill, NEXT MAGAZINE, November 2014

The latest issue of NEXT MAGAZINE is bursting with all sorts of goodies, including a story that caught my attention: ‘The Slow Move. Can doing less make you achieve more?’ Oh I read on, all right.

Then there’s ‘'THE VISIBLE WOMAN – Do you feel undervalued, unnoticed, just another face in the crowd? Read on for our expert tips on upping your X-Factor and getting the attention you deserve, in all areas of your life.’'

Oh yes. Visibility. Invisibility. Which would you rather be? I’ve been busy reinventing myself after leaving the agency I co-founded in 2005 in Red11 Models. And what a transition it’s been! It’s ironic, really, having been both visible and invisible in my work and accomplishments and as the face behind the faces, and the head of the fashion division.

And I’ve been quite invisible since I left. Until recently. Yet ironically if I could have a super power, invisibility would be it. So now I’m showing my hard work, blood, sweat & tears, accomplishments, trials and tribulations to date. Not easy when my model agent career has been dedicated to promoting everyone else and Red11 as a company. I’ve stuck my neck out BIG TIME and am doing things I’ve never done. Like co-creating this website that's a lot about, well, life in general. I'm now VISIBLE.

Read on to find out some of my tips on visibility for life in general, and get your hands on a copy for ‘18 Life lessons from the TV show ‘Friends’’, ‘Constant Craving’, ‘Out of Service (No one wants a groveling shop assistant, but is a little politeness too much to ask?’ and more. The latest issue of NEXT MAGAZINE. It’s a sight for sore eyes.

NOTE: There’s a cute blonde on the story that is clearly not me. I have very obviously photoshopped my face onto the cute blonde, like I have the cover (Hey. The story is about visibility!).

And I'm taking an opportunity here: thanks RYAN META who helped bring my ideas to life and waded through my content and pics, photographs and websites to build this website for me from the ground up, IN TWO MONTHS (I'm tryna make sure you don't become invisible, my friend...).

Thanks for joining me! If you find some useful stuff here that could benefit someone, share it.

Until next time,

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