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"I love my job working with breast cancer survivors"-Christine

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

"We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop." – MOTHER TERESA, BRAINY QUOTES

MOTHER TERESA was a pretty special woman. We all know it. Yet when was the last time you read (or lived by) a quote of hers? What’s your favorite MOTHER T quote? I love this one myself because it’s so easy to think your say or actions (or vote, for that matter) doesn’t count for much.

CHRISTNE is a woman on a mission, too. Like me, she’s walking the walk. She loves doing her bit to help women feel good so they can spread that feel-good to all around them. A pretty great drop in the ocean, if you ask me.

In August, I was asked as one of nine speakers to share my story of courage in adversity at GOODNESS GRACIOUS, a fabulous women's event with the theme, CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT BY EMBRACING THE ONE YOU HAVE where I met the amazing CHRISTINE. Not only did her smile have me when I said to her, “You’re how old?!”, but when she started talking of what she does for a living, truly LIFE WORK as opposed to simple WORK LIFE, well, I had to share.

I asked CHRISTINE some of THE BIG QUESTIONS and I can see why MOTHER TERESA is someone she’d invite for dinner.

Welcome to a new world of possibility through TV and modeling work, CHRISTINE. I’m proud you’re brave enough for it!

WHAT DO YOU DO FOR WORK? I’ve been a specialist in fitting women with product after breast cancer, a job I've done for over 20 years. I help them choose the very best breast look for them so they feel like a complete and new woman. I love my job and seeing them feel that little bit better after we’ve spent time together!


WHICH FIVE PEOPLE, LIVING OR DEAD, WOULD YOU INVITE TO DINNER AND WHY? Sir Ed Hillary as I remember the thrill of him climbing Everest. It was such an exciting day.

MOTHER TERESA because I loved what she did for the poor. There will never be another person liker her. She simply owned nothing and gave everything of herself to those who had no hope.

All Black Kieran Reid. He's so strong, a wonderful leader but has a lovely gentle way about him. I love Richie too. But Kieran has my heart.

My brother, Peter. I don’t see him enough but I love him so much. He's been so very supportive since my husband died (two years ago).

George Clooney, but it’s a bit late. I still think he’s gorgeous, though.

FAVE INSPIRATIONAL SAYING? Challenges are like summer storms: everything is more beautiful when they've passed.

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