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Dates locked & loaded for our $39 Outfit Challenge Day!

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

"Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.’"– Helen Keller

We’re running our ONE DAY $39 OUTFIT CHALLENGE as follows (be quick booking your spot though. Spaces fill fast!):

AUCKLAND: Saturday 19th September, Sunday 20th September, Sunday 27th September


WELLINGTON: Monday 5th October, Tuesday 6th October

HAMILTON: Thursday 8th October, Friday 9th October

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service to others’' – Mahatma Ghandi

Do you love fashion? What about vintage & thrift store shopping? Or do you wish you were simply better at fashion? WE CAN HELP, while getting beautiful photos of you and doing good for others!

Welcome to a truly unique experience and something you can only get with us, the people of the Bridge The Gap Project & Over2U: the $39 Outfit Challenge Day! This is an awesome, fun-filled day all while taking care of social responsibility. You know…doing good for others who are less privileged while having a blast doing so (does it get any better?).


‘You don’t need to spend a fortune to feel expensive’

It goes like this:

  1. Book a day with us (But be quick! Spaces are strictly limited to max of 10)

  2. Bring $39 cash or a card with $39 to spend on it. Bring more if you want to donate more than one outfit (or take an outfit home)

  3. Meet at designated meeting point, and we’ll take care of you where we whisk you to various community stores, thrift, vintage & pre-loved clothing shops, combined with a little cheap and cheerful etc. in South & West Auckland as well as the city.

  4. You put together as many cool-as outfits as possible for your $39 (don’t worry. We’ll help you. After all, that’s part of our job!)

  5. We take you to a studio where you get to have more fun. Like, you get to combine your outfits with some of our donated clothes (we have racks of them!), and work with our MAKE ONE CHANGE philosophy (because one small change in your wardrobe, and your life or attitude for that matter, can make a huge difference!)

  6. We’ll engage some emerging superstar make up artists from SRA or super-pro Justine Conroy in to do half your make up (you do the other half so you learn how to do it, but we’ll make sure you look amazing), and even better, you get to choose your make up/style direction, any way you want!

  7. We’ll then get more emerging superstars in - hairdressers from Servilles - to ensure your hair looks fab and have you feeling ready to rock it

  8. We’ll teach you how to pose like a model pro (selfies included)

  9. We get a professional photographer in who will take your shots

  10. You model your outfit/s for the Bridge The Gap Project Shop

  11. Your outfit gets donated to the Bridge The Gap Project Shop to help disadvantaged teens (if you wanna take home an outfit, then bring an extra $39)

  12. We’ll send you retouched (if necessary) photos of you modelling your outfits

  13. And if you’re lucky, we’ll enlist a model with long skinny legs and a real pretty face, Monty Model Dog (the dog who posed with Lorde on ‘Royals’), dress him up and take photos of you and him dressed in wigs (yes, even he’s doing good for others)

Keep an eye out on the SHOP as well as it’s pretty cool and there are some serious designer bargains etc., with ALL proceeds going back to helping teens have confidence building experiences through the foundation of fashion (because everyone needs to wear clothes!).


‘Price is what you pay. Value is what you get’ – Warren Buffett (he’s super, super rich, BTW. Like…super-rich)

Being the ex co-founder of Red11 Models, Amanda knows a photo session for a coupla hours is ‘worth’ at least $250. And that’s without your final shots. Let alone you’ll be helping others help themselves.

But because we’re doing it for the youth, we’ll do it for this:

  • $290 + $39 per outfit (to be donated to BTGP) + retouched photos (x 2 per outfit)

  • a Bridge The Gap Project Many Hands Make Light Work’ Handbag tote by Ryan Meta, or a Freedom of Choice’ bracelet by Lindi Kingi (you choose)

  • We’ll Facebook all entries and the voted winner will win a $39 bargain designer outfit of their choice!

  • Plus you’ll get first dibs to be involved in our regular fashion show events! It doesn't matter your size, sex, age, race or religion, you’ll get to have the experience of modelling or helping behind the scenes of our fashion shows where you get to put outfits together from what we provide in donated, pre-loved, cheap as chips or thrift & vintage stores, and learn how to rock it in our free lessons in catwalk training, shots from the night & an experience of feeling the fear & doing it anyway.

What’s more, we combine youth from all walks of life, because the people of the Bridge The Gap Project fundraise and sponsor people to help make stuff happen for those who can’t afford or wouldn’t get such precious access to confidence-boosting experiences! Thanks to generous donations, we’ve already given away a stack of confidence-building and transformational photo shoot experiences, and outfits, to young people!

And that’s why we shamelessly need YOU! If you can do something to help, then do something to help. Engage in our Facebook, share posts that inspire you, sign up to our newsletters and share the newsletters with your friends. After all, the more we have, the more we can give.

Because as Mother Teresa says, ''I can do things you cannot. You can do things I cannot; Together, we can do many great things.’'

So rally up your peeps and BOOK YOUR DATES!

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