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Before you judge, walk a mile in their shoes

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

The noun em•pa•thy refers to

  • the ability to comprehend another person’s actions and emotions

  • the identification of thoughts and emotional states within others

  • the capacity to understand a persons (emotional) reaction

  • the awareness of another’s problems, without experiencing them

EMPATHY is an important word that if we stopped and thought about its meaning a little more, maybe we wouldn’t be so quick to judge, react, attack, bully or troll.

And empathy is what DRESS FOR SUCCESS is all about. So as a ‘self-appointed’ ambassador for DFSA, Amanda Betts & some of the Over2U team helped create, and pull together, a fashion show for a recent LADIES LUNCH run by the dynamic Pete & Monique of STARLIGHT MEDIA HOUSE.

It was all hands on deck (and all feet in donated shoes and bodies in donated clothes) as we did a shout out casting call for women in business to be our models. Even the executive director of DFSA, Lani French, modelled in the show to help raise awareness and $$$!

All the models were rallied together and taught how to put their best foot forward in a catwalk & deportment bootcamp held by Amanda of Over2U so they could learn to work their walk. For a group of entrepreneurs, business owners, doctors, lawyers and managers, you’d be amazed at how vulnerable everyone felt when it came to initially strutting their stuff. Empathy indeed. Nerves were overtaken by excitement and the show was a great success, clothes were sold, $$$ were raised, smiles all ‘round, job done. The best bit, though? Every model broke through various terror barriers in aid of a good cause, now know how to work their walk – a life skill - all while having fun.

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