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Ask the agent - her walk is bad

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Hi and welcome to another episode of #ASK THE AGENT, a place where you can ask me anything about the modelling or fashion industry.

In case you don't know, I've been in the modelling & fashion industries for 29 years (I started out as a model in '85). For the last 16 of those 29 years, I've been a model agent working for the likes of CLYNE & 62 MODELS until in 2005, I co-founded my own agency in Red11 Models. I left Red11 in December '13 so no longer represent or manage their models. But I'm scouting models and talent of my own and have people placed with 62 & UNIQUE Models. So watch this space!

I've worked with 1000's of teens and young people, responsible for launching and building many model careers including the following (note: I no longer represent any of the people in the following pictures. This is merely my own 'portfolio' of my work, a handful of people it was my job to develop and build):

So feel free to ask me anything on #ASK THE AGENT. Today, I talk about teens and walking with confidence:

Q: 'My granddaughter is such a beautiful girl, but she walks around with her shoulders hunched and it makes her look withdrawn and stroppy. I keep telling her to ‘walk tall’, but she tells me I don’t get it and that I’m not cool. I’m worried with how difficult it is to stand out these days. Do you have any tips for her?' - Loving But Concerned

A: 'Hi Loving But Concerned. First of all, you’re far from alone in wanting our kids to walk with more confidence. They need it if they're to stand out (excuse the pun!). It's hard for most parents to teach their kids about things like walking, posing, sealing themselves, social media even! I found parents asked me to teach their kids what to do, simply because it was my area of expertise. I'm all about sharing what I know so head on over to my video to find out some easy tips I've suggested!

Also check out my post, 'MY TOP TIPS TO MAKE YOUR WALK WORK FOR YOU' where I share why a good walk is so important, and some handy links I think well worth checking out!

NOTE: all my videos are shot off the cuff and from the heart. So rather than re-shooting for perfection, I just go with the flow sharing what I know. expect lots of mistakes & a bit of repeating myself! Because with me, what you see is what you get!

Thanks for joining me! If you see anything here that could be useful to someone, share it!

Until next time,

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