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Amanda Betts & OVER2U are running 1 x day modelling & confidence bootcamps!

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Are you the parent of a shy or introverted teen who simply needs a confidence boost for better self-esteem? Maybe a young person you love has dreamt of trying their hand at modelling & television work & don’t know where to start? Or is it your teen doesn’t realise how much potential they actually possess so they need help on their self-belief?

Amanda Betts & her team of experts at OVER2U can help with all this and more! With 30 years’ experience in the modeling & fashion industry, responsible for managing the modelling & fashion divisions at Clyne, 62 Models & the agency she co-founded in Red11 Models, & hands-on experience in the development & management of 1000’s of teens & young people and their modelling & TVC careers, Amanda Betts knows her modelling & confidence stuff. She’s rallied a fabulous, energetic in-the-know team who have what it takes to help you help yourself; to empower you on how to project and feel the image of who you really are to the world.

And in case you’re interested in getting into modelling or television work, we’ll give you tips, tools & tactics and all you’ll need to get yourself started!

Whatever your inspirations or reasons for wanting more for yourself or young people in your world, there’s no better time than now to step up to, and into, yourself, and create a life you want!



Over2U Modelling & Confidence Wanna know how to lesson your double chins in photos? Maybe you’d like to know how to make your thighs & arms appear slimmer in photos that anyone takes? With camera phones everywhere & social media shots taken by people who often have no clue how to take a good shot haunting you forever throughout cyberspace, it’s more important than ever to know how to effortlessly pose like a model pro!


CATWALKING & DEPORTMENT: Did you know one of the top things recruiters look for in interviewees before they’ve even opened their mouths is how they walk and hold themselves? Yes, your walk tells a story of you! Walking is way beyond one foot in front of the other, though. So whether your challenge is a slack torso, goofy feet, slouchy shoulders or knock-knees, the team at Over2U Modelling & Confidence have the experts on hand to help you help yourself in putting your best foot forward!


MAKE UP & GROOMING: Gene Simmons from KISS said it perfectly about make up: 'The make up is simply an extension of the personality, & the colors, clothing & make up all express something.' We call upon some heavyweight experts to encourage you to play, explore & have fun with make up & grooming, showing you how to enhance you, not disguise you!


SPEAKING CONFIDENTLY TO CAMERA: How do you stack up when you’re required to project & use your voice or when you’re going for that precious job interview? Did you know that social phobia, or speaking socially, is considered the #3 fear in the world? Social shyness also stems from not wanting to look incompetent or stupid. So it’s no wonder the shy ones among us seem to continually withdraw backwards! Considering to shine in this world, we need to learn how to overcome social challenges, we tackle these often-debilitating challenges head on (but in a gentle, fun way) in our Over2U Modelling & Confidence bootcamps & workshops!


  • Posing & digital photographic session with Amanda Betts

  • Posing, deportment & catwalking tips & training

  • Clean & vibrant social media, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. profile shots

  • Camera phone shots for immediate use

  • Speaking confidently to camera tips

  • 4 x hi res basic retouched files of your chosen shots

  • your very own digital hi res Over2U ‘comp cards’

  • A new skillset that will last you a lifetime

  • And if modelling & television work appeals to you, we'll give you some tips & tactics on how to approach a model & talent agency

  • A day full of fun!


You’ll be strutting & posing your stuff at the place where lots of NZ's Next Top Model was shot, as well as models, photographers, and magazine editors, make up artists & stylists shoot: Kingsize Studios, 27 Sackville Street, Grey Lynn.


Saturday 28th March or Sunday 29th March. Workshops run from 9.30am – 5.00pm, with a lunch provided.


$275 + GST


Get in touch HERE to book your space!

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