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5 things: How to do blue eyeshadow circa '14, not '84

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

"Treat your make up like jewellrey for the face…play with colours, shapes, structure. It can transform you."
- Francois Nars -

There’s something about make up and how it makes us feel, whether we admit it or not. I mean TYRA’s quoted as saying, ‘I love the confidence that make up gives me’. That means she sees make up as a gift. I so agree, Tyra.

I was lucky that in my modeling 80’s heyday, it was not only the norm, but expected, for us to slather lashings of make up on. And I loved it. We were taught at MODELLING CLASS (no really, modelling class) to apply our lipliner outside our lipline. We'd strut around like some SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE extra for a ROBERT PALMER video or hot bodypainted, blue-eyeshadow-wearing beauty slinking outta the surf with teased hair, a full face of make up and a knife strapped to our thigh for DURAN DURAN’s RIO (seriously, check out those videos).

And while in my ‘80’s modeling heyday, I became a queen of purple eyeshdaow with orange highlights and blue eyeshadow with yellow highlights, today, I’m certainly no make up expert. So I’ve found an amazing talent who is WILD ON MAKE UP. She’s an expert at what she does (she even teaches it for a living), she’s fun, knows her make up and beauty therapy stuff, is happy to share what she knows, and is actually ‘doing and creating really cool stuff’. Check out her super-cute mini tutorials for her new page, OLIVIA WILD - WILD ON MAKE UP. OLIVIA is one of our new contributors to AMANDABETTS.COM because she’s seriously passionate about what she does, happily sharing her gift in the art of make up. Like all my contributors (more coming soon) everything she does, she does with heart. And that’s what AMANDABETTS.COM is all about. So keep an eye out (get it?) for more and WILD ON MAKE UP regular tips on all things beauty!


1. KISS (without the extra ‘S’): KEEP IT SIMPLE. If you’re wearing a bold blue eye, keep your skin fresh and simple, avoid lashings of blush, and keep the lip color nude. This keeps your overall look cool and simple, not a crazy hot mess.

2. BLUE MASCARA! I know, right? The trick is finding the right shade of blue you love. If you’re feeling fabulously bold, go for something bright. Or if taking the plunge has your mascara running down your cheeks faster than Usain Bolt can sprint, go for a navy shade.

3. BLEND YOUR BLUE EYE SHADOW WITH A GOOD BLENDING BRUSH. I’d recommend you head down to your local department store (FARMERS & BALLANTYNES is great), SMASHBOX or MAC counter for the perfect brush. Know that finding the perfect blending brush is a bit like the investment required in an artists brush (after all, make up application is an art, that’s why I started WILD ON MAKE UP): quality bristles go a long way (see this Woman’s Day article all about the different types of brushes). If the shadow is not blended you’ll look like you’re stuck in the 80’s. Great for music videos. Not so great chillin’ in 2014. Keep it modern, and blend girlfriend!

4. YOU DON’T NEED MUCH. Just a light base of a gorgeous blue pigment can be more than enough.

5. BLUE EYELINER. This can be grungy and smudged out, or a Parisian electric blue cat flick!

So play with make up. Experiment, explore, have fun! FACEBOOK me with your best blue eyeshadow application, and you’ll be in the draw to score a fabulous make up pack (drawn end of November!).

Photos by Dinosaurtoast for Flash Jewellery RUSH campaign.

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