‘Instead of spending time building your army, invest time strengethening your pack.’ – Izaac Betts, 17yrs.

It’s amazing what happens when you set good intentions for the betterment of all rather than just for you and those in your own little world.

I’ve dedicated the last 16 years of my life building everyone I’ve worked with to be the best they can be. I was the faceless force behind some of New Zealand’s prettiest/most handsome faces; the head of scouting, development and the manager of models’ careers. I can tell you it feels pretty damned good to have a sleuth of phenonenal success stories notched on my belt. You only need look at Holly Rose Emery, a model voted one of the top ten new faces in the world after a year of modelling, to see one of the most visible examples of my invisible work. I love that I'm paid to get to be a part of so positively and seriously changing lives!

When I bid Adieu to Red11 Models (the company I co-founded in 2005) in December ‘13, I left with a sense there must be better and more generous ways of doing things where more people benefit out of what you do and the way you do it, rather than simply ‘I’ll pay you this, you do that for me’. I mean, it’s an absolute blessing to have model-looks and beauty, to get paid what you do for the work you do. Not to mention the access to travel, incredible places and spaces, creatives, designers, fashion, perks... I know fristhand-I’m an ex model.

As a kid, I'll never forget that traumatic lightbulb moment when I realised I was a student at 'The Shcool of Hardknocks'. With years still ahead of me before I could 'graduate'I knew then my purpose was to protect and help others realise their potential. Cut to my 40's and after Red11, I clutched tightly to my vision I could again build a platform for models & talent to be launched into the world and a new way of life, giving access to the abundance of opportunity the modelling, television & fashion industries offered to all people (not just those who fit modelling criteria). Although this time, I wanted to make sure it was all while doing good for/giving back to community. 

I set the intentions. Now, how was I going to do that, exactly? I was on my own. I came up with an idea: start a blog, scout people, and have 'my people' donate a percentage of their earnings to charity. But the work required to realise those intentions…

It was when doing my regular KiwiFM ‘Monday Morning Clarity’ slot with (breakfast host at the time), the generous Charlotte Ryan, that I stumbled upon THE GENEROSITY JOURNAL. I held the beautiful little mag in my hands, flipped it over, and with Brene Brown’s, ‘What you know matters. Who you are matters more’ illustrated on the back, I’d found something worth investing time investigating.

The GENEROSITY JOURNAL was brought to life by people who practise what they preach in the good folk at ONE PERCENT COLLECTIVE, a charity that donates 100% of their donations to their partner charities: Project Jonah, Amped4Life, Spinning Top, Kaibosh Food Rescue, Sustainable Coastlines & Raukatuari Music Therapy Centre. Even more amazing was they don’t take a cut or cover running costs from donations.

When KAIBOSH FOOD RESCUE only need $10 to have the means to rescue and redistribute 7kg of food, the equivalent of 21 nutritious meals, to those who may otherwise go without, my hair stood up on end; my intentions had been realised.

And that’s how the collaboration between their collective and our collective was born. Because we’re actually never really on our own. We all exist on this planet together, no matter where we come from, what we do or who we are. The trick is constantly exploring for like-minded souls, a tribe or, as my son, Izaac, put it: ‘your pack’, who are as inspired from the same places that you are. So the models & talent we’ve scouted & are now developing of Over2U & EntityX are chuffed to be living and leading as a collaborative collective ‘pack’ to join the giving evolution. Our intentions now are to encourage the brave ‘first followers’ (if you don’t know what we mean, you don’t know what you’re missing. BEST leadership video I’ve EVER seen (Derek Sivers: two words: YOU LEGEND!).  Check it out HERE And thanks to Unique & 62 Models for moving our people as fast as you have! You guys too, have already & are doing your bit for ONE PERCENT COLLECTIVE by taking on our people and getting them work!

You can learn more about how the charities are chosen & check out the charities’ pages to find out what intentions they’ve set in place with y/our donations at ONE PERCENT COLLECTIVE.

Last but certainly not least, time is precious. So ONE PERCENT COLLECTIVE make it SUPER EASY for you to donate your 1%. So what else are you waiting for? Join the giving evolution!