‘Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.’
— John Wooden


I helped organise the DRESS FOR SUCCESS fashion show, where we put a shout out for women in business to walk in DFSA client’s shoes, dressing them in DFSA donated clothes. Thanks to everyone who helped pull the show together and for all donations! Here’s some pics from the day, and check out the video on our blog and YouTube


Anna & Derek Cherry

I just wanted to say a big thank you for making our session so much fun. I had a great time. And you were so patient with all my questions, which I really appreciate. The photos are great & I'm much more confident about this business & how it works. By the way, I took your advice & enrolled in drama at school. Already it's helping with my confidence. It wasn't really nearly as awful as I thought! Anna xxx

Thanks Amanda for taking such good care of Anna. It was very professional and fun at the same time. I know Anna had a good time and loves the photos. It is really a bit of a leap into the unknown for us. The outcome though is that it was a completely safe environment and we were all totally at ease. I am sure that the wonderful people at 62models would not have recommended you to us otherwise. Best of luck in your new adventures. Say hi to Monty for us. Derek


Ash & Lisa Capel

Thank you Amanda for spending the day shooting me for my portfolio shots. I was feeling nervous beforehand, but you made me feel so relaxed and confident on how I was being shot. Having your advice on how I should pose for different shots and how I should conduct myself in the work environment was really helpful. Thank you so much for the day, I felt like a Princess. Big thanks, Ash Capel xx

Amanda Betts - in 1 word, you are 'incredible'! From a Mother's point of view, coming into this new part of my daughter's life has been very exciting, but also we were feeling a bit nervous and anxious. You made my daughter feel like she was a star. Seeing the photographs of Ashleigh was overwhelming. Thank you for making our first experience a positive one and making us all feel at ease. Your enthusiasm, energy and positive outlook on life is very motivating. You are an inspiration. I am so thankful we have met you. Warm regards, Lisa Capel 



My experience with Amanda, have not only strengthened me as an aspiring model, but as an individual. Amanda has taught me so much in so little time, and she has given a new view and perspective on my life, and the lives of others around me.

The sessions that I did through Amanda and her amazing team, built my voice, my confidence, and my ability to do a lot of things that I usually wouldn't do! I believe in Amanda just as much as she believes in me, the incredible amount of blood, sweat and tears, will allow her to leave her footprints on not only the sand of this earth, but always in my heart. I am a better person, because of her influence, and I will continue to follow the beautiful example she sets as a woman and a rolemodel.




Working with Amanda was a truly inspirational experience and a day I will always look back on with love and gratitude.  Amanda has the ability to not just bring out the best in you, but to inspire you to be the best you can possibly be.  I’m incredibly shy in front of a camera (in social situations, never had the pleasure of this kind of experience before) but the shoot I had with Amanda and her team, all those fears disappeared and I felt like a million dollars! 

Many times since I’ve gone back to look at those photos and thought, 'That’s me and if I can do that, then I’m capable of doing anything I want!'  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, right from the bottom of my heart.



When having my photos taken by Amanda, I was really nervous as I have generally never liked having my photo taken. But Amanda & her team were awesome, put me at ease & made me look stunning! And I learnt a few fabulous tricks I’ve taken away with me too! I will always recommend Amanda and her team to make you feel beautiful.



Having been through a very challenging & transformational time in my life, it was time for me to step into myself and be who I was born to be. I needed a boost, so under friend’s recommendations, I booked Amanda & her Over2U team!  They were incredible & took care it of all!  I got to update my social media profile, website & acting shots & create a video that captured the essence of me.

Amanda’s passion for helping unlock people’s potential resonated with me, having dedicated my life to empowering people, women in particularly, to discover their potential. I had a ball just being me, and you can see it in my smile! I believe life is about generosity & sharing talents & gifts, so without asking, Amanda offered to connect me with what is now my agency, Johnson Laird. So for me it was a life-changing experience!  



Amanda scouted me at a party & we hit it off. I was re-launching my business, CJ Stylista, so we arrnaged Amanda do my photos for my social media & website. During the shoot, it was obvious Amanda & I share the same passion in empowering people to be the best they can be, and that our methods of delivering our message to people was complimentary. Because I have 15 years experience in the fashion industry, I now work with Amanda in delivering my unique styling service to her shoots, & being a former educator, I’m also tutoring for her Over2U modelling confidence courses. Amanda also convinced me to give television work a go, so arranged to sign me with 62 Models! I love how one simple meeting turned into multi-faceted opportunities that so many people benefit from!



When I first met Amanda, I was skeptical-a random woman chasing me saying I could be a model & get TV work seemed a far-fetched to me. We met up and I was astounded at the amount of faith she had in me, someone she didn’t even know.

She arranged to take some pictures of me, set me up with a modelling agency, Unique Models & within a few months, I’ve done multiple TVC's, a fashion show and heaps of photo shoots. I've met some awesome people and had great experiences, saving the money I make for some dreams I’m following. The best bit so far, though, is doing a television commercial with my brother, Wiremu for Rebel Sport.  Basically from the moment I met Amanda, my life pathway has opened up because she’s done more than introduce me to an industry, but a whole new world. I’ll always be grateful to her and the girls at Unique.



I must admit that when I signed up to do an Over2U modelling & confidence bootcamp, I was pretty nervous. Within half an hour of arriving, I realised I had a really great opportunity to push myself, and with a group of people who would encourage me to do so. Because even though I’ve been singing and playing music in my bathroom for YouTube, and performed and acted on stage in plays, I’d never really branched out to performing music properly.

Everyone @Over2U gave me the confidence I needed to sing in front of others. So I did. And they recorded it. And they decided to put it on Youtube! I still can’t quite believe I did that and I'm so proud of myself for it! Amanda then hooked me up with 62 Models - which is such an honour, let alone an amazing opportunity! Even though I appreciate my job in retail, I know there’s so much more out there for me if I can keep being courageous.



As a mum of two teenage daughters, Mila & Helena (one’s an emerging actress and the other is a model), I don’t deny that this industry initially frightened me a bit.

 Amanda scouted Helena and although I was hesitant, as soon as I met Amanda, I knew Helena was in safe hands. Amanda’s passion for developing people, no matter what they want to do, is admirable. Everything she said she was going to do, she’s done, even if it’s not for her benefit. Amanda took some of the best photos I’ve ever seen of Helena, and it launched her career. She introduced us to 62 Models and she’s doing so well under their management. Amanda and the team at 62 all band together for Helena. Amanda’s helping with Mila as well. I was so impressed with Amanda that I approached her to work together. Now we’re working on some exciting projects! So meeting Amanda has opened up possibilities for all of us, and it’s life-changing!



Being scouted by Amanda has been so beneficial in many ways. She not only took care of me in helping get me started in modeling and TV work, she took me into 62 Models and I picked up a television commercial within 24 hours of being signed to them, and it was shooting with my bro, Ben! It was awesome that we both get to benefit out of her knowledge and connections. What Amanda does is allow doors to be opened that I never thought existed. There are so many opportunities on the horizon, and with the help and guidance of Amanda, attaining them will be a whole lot easier for me. It's a comforting feeling knowing that someone is willing to sacrifice their time in order to help you succeed in what ever it is you want to do. I am forever grateful that the Universe connected us both, allowing our minds to collaborate together and do good things in this world.



From the moment we arrived at the studio Amanda made me feel at ease. For someone like me who doesn’t like to be the centre of attention, the idea of getting my photos taken, posing and wearing different types of clothes is incredibly daunting. Somehow, within moments I felt like it was the most natural thing in the world for me to be posing, with my head on the side, hands in pockets, under bright lights with my hair just so.

Amanda has lots of secret little tips for how to tilt your head, when to smile and how to relax. The overall results were amazing. Amanda posted my photo on FB and I had tonnes of positive feedback. I now feel so much more confident as a person and for future photo opportunities. Thanks so much Amanda.