“I don't want to live in the kind of world where we don't look out for each other. Not just the people that are close to us, but anybody who needs a helping hand. I cant change the way anybody else thinks, or what they choose to do, but I can do my bit.”  Charles de Lint

You probably don’t know it but Charles de Lint is amazing. I was just reading some of his book synopses, like ‘OVER MY HEAD’. This title particularly caught my attention because I’ve certainly been feeling like that lately.

‘Many teens have inexplicably become animal shape-shifters known as Wildlings. The town is rife with fear, and Wildlings have quickly learned to keep their animal identities hidden or face persecution.

Now that Josh Saunders has a mountain lion living under his skin, his life seems to careen from one crisis to another. His best friends have just helped him narrowly escape cruel medical experimentation, and now that he's back home Josh wants at least a few more days of living like a normal teenager. But the FBI is tailing him, a vengeful school bully is out to hurt and expose him, and a formidable Wildling Elder has secretly arranged to have him killed by the hand of one of his own Wildling friends.’

Now doesn’t that sound like a book a teen you know might love reading while learning about some of the values of life?

It’s a known fact that to aid in the survival and recovery of depression, terrifyingly RIFE IN BEAUTIFUL NEW ZEALAND, you need to use your imagination. That’s where books come in. Depression’s a big topic, and one SIR JOHN KIRWAN is covering on DEPRESSION.ORG.NZ (Seriously? Such a GREAT website). He also has his book STAND BY ME well supported by THE NZ HERALD about HELPING TEENS THROUGH DEPRESSION. Being a survivor myself, I know how dark it needs to be to get to the point where you feel those are your only choices…

So while books are a necessity for striking the imagination fire up, the sad fact is that books seem to have become a privilege. And since my blog is all about people helping people, sharing what we know, being inspired and inspiring others, lemme intro RUBY, a new face discovered by my scouting partner AMANDA BRANSGROVE. We've placed RUBY with UNIQUE MODELS and she's already worked!



RUBY is way more than a model-girl with a cute gap in her teeth, flawless skin, a beauty we all wish we had at 14 and a girl already pegged by overseas agencies, though.

When we asked her ‘THE BIG QUESTIONS’, her answers, although brief, blew us away. Clearly she understands the value in books, imagination, taking care of our future generation and caring for animals.

We’re right behind you in your crusade, RUBY, to continually do our bit to helping make our beautiful planet a little bit more of a fun place to be, FOR EVERYONE. RUBY RUBY, A GEM OF A GIRL indeed. 

WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WOULD YOU DO IF MONEY WAS NO OBJECT? I’d give lots of money to charity for anything that can help children and animals.

WHAT ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF? I gave over $1000 of school books to a decile one school earlier this year. It felt really good knowing it would help other kids who aren’t as lucky as the people in my school and I am.

WHAT DO YOU THINK IS THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE FACING THE WORLD? AND WHAT DO YOU THINK WE AS INDIVIDUALS CAN DO TO DO OUR BIT? Children not being able to go to school. We all deserve education. I would ask everyone to donate money each week to helping in any way they can.

WHAT'S BEEN YOUR BIGGEST CHALLENGE? AND HOW HAS GOING THROUGH IT POSITIVELY AFFECTED YOU?  I was behind in my school work and had to work really hard to gain better marks. So I’ve learnt never to give up.


I’ve noticed while exploring my neighbourhood on foot lately, there are some cool FREE BOOK CABINETS where you put books in and take what you need which operates purely on goodwill and trust (it HAS TO START SOMEWHERE).

The two I know of is RICHMOND ROAD, GREY LYNN almost opposite St Paul’s School (it’s just an over-sized letterbox where books are protected from the elements and you can help yourself).

There’s another opposite KINGSIZE STUDIOS (where a tonne of models, photographers, make up artists and stylists careers are built – they teach photography there too. It’s also where I will be doing my MODEL COURSES) in 27 SACKVILLE STREET, GREY LYNN.

If there’s any more in your region, please LET ME KNOW so I can post on them!  

Thanks for joining me! If you find stuff on here that could be useful to someone else, share it.


Until next time,

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