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We @Over2U are a little like driving instructors for confidence: you can only learn so much through theory. The rest comes from practical, and practise. The more lessons you have, and practise you follow up with, the more confident, and competent, you become. Then before you know it, you’re ready to drive on your own - Amanda Betts

This course has been designed to offer a mini smorgasbord introduction to various aspects of the down-to-earth practical side of confidence & self esteem rather than theory, while incorporating invaluable life skills.

We cover:

  • CATWALKING, POSTURE & DEPORTMENT: the way we hold ourselves tells a story of us. We show people how to work their walk & walk tall, put their best foot froward, no matter how they’re feeling. 
  • TALKING CONFIDENTLY IN FRONT OF CAMERA: Whether it’s to go out with a friend, attend the ball or going for that crucial job interview, we all have to know how to sell ourselves and negotiate. We also need to know how to fake it while remaining polite no matter what’s happening in our inner world. We do video work so they can see what they look like, how they present.  
  • SOCIAL SKILLS/SOCIAL MEDIA: From the basics including: how to answer a phone, answer phone messages, introducing yourself, professionalism, handshaking and more. In this day & time, social media acts a support for CV’s. So we touch on how social media tells a story of you, and how to make social media work to tell the right story of you.
  • MAKE UP & GROOMING: We touch on make up & grooming, and though we do use make up for the photographs, it’s usually minimal and to disguise blemishes & scars, or take away the high shine-skin look. We like to enhance you, not disguise you!
  • MINI PHOTOGRAPHIC POSING SESSION:  We’ll teach the tricks of the trade, how to pose confidently in front of any camera (yet make it look natural) and we’ll capture some clean, simple shots. We’ll then pick our favourite edits and digitally send them to you. We also provide basic retouching (extensive retouching available upon request). 


  • From 1 - 2 1/2 hour posing and photographic session with Amanda Betts
  • Posing training
  • Clean & vibrant social media, Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn etc. profile shots
  • Camera phone shots for immediate use
  • Our top photo edits
  • 4 x hi res files of your chosen shots (Basic retouching included. Extensive retouching available at extra cost)
  • A new skillset to last you a lifetime while having loads of fun! Get in touch to learn more!
  • And if modelling & television work appeals to you, we can help!





-learn how to pose for slimmer thighs, arms & more in digital photography sessions.

Wanna know how to lesson your double chins? Maybe how to make your thighs & arms appear slimmer in photos that anyone takes? With camera phones everywhere & social media shots taken by people who often have no clue how to take a good shot haunting you forever throughout cyberspace, it’s more important than ever to know how to effortlessly pose like a model pro!  Having scouted, launched &/or managed the modelling careers of 1000's of people of all ages, shapes & sizes in her 30yrs in the fashion industry, Amanda shares what she knows in our Over2U posing & photographic sessions. You'll get to keep some photos, update your social media profile pics & you'll even receive your very own 'model composite cards'! 



– make up & grooming to enhance you

Gene Simmons from KISS said it perfectly about make up: 'The make up is simply an extension of the personality, & the colours, clothing & make up all express something.' We encourage you to play, explore & have fun with make up & grooming, showing you how to enhance you, not disguise you!



– self esteem & confidence, we all need it!

Does the idea of speaking to a room of complete strangers make you retract into a tight ball? Do you wish you could be more confident, have a healthier self-esteem? XRed11 Models co-founder & model builder, Amanda Betts, calls upon her 30yrs in the modeling & fashion industries & her work with 1000's of teens & young people to help you help yourself be more confident. Be ready for fun!



 – put your best forward & strut it!

People judge your confidence by your walk. Yes, your walk tells a story of you! Walking is more than one foot in front of the other. So whether your challenge is a slack torso, goofy feet, slouchy shoulders or knock-knees, Over2U modelling & confidence bootcamps & workshops have the experts on hand to help you help yourself in putting your best foot forward!



– learn how to use & project your voice

Did you know that social phobia, or speaking socially, is considered the #3 fear in the world? What about the shy or introverted? How do you stack up when going for that precious job interview? Social shyness also stems from not wanting to look incompetent or stupid. So it’s no wonder the shy ones among us seem to continually withdraw backwards! Considering to shine in this world, we need to learn how to overcome social challenges, we tackle these often debilitating challenges head on (but in a gentle, fun way) in our Over2U modelling & confidence bootcamps & workshops!