Amanda Betts: 46yrs, pioneer, grateful mother, loyal & hard worker, appreciation campaigner, super smiler

Modelling didn't just change my life, it saved my life. I know right? The gift of my initial modelling course ended up being the gift that kept on giving, stemming only from that I kinda looked good enough to be a model. So it's easy for me to recognise that beauty, too, is a gift. But gifts are nothing if you don't know what you're looking for, how to find them, let alone what to do with them when you do (because it IS 'when', not 'if'!)! We @Over2 are all about empowering people in how to discover, unlock & utilise their gifts so they too can feel amazing in what life (and they) has to offer, then go on to ensure their gifts keep on giving too. I have influence, & I use this influence for good. So when it came time to choose my charity, I chose a group of people who share the same values, mission and purpose that I do. And that charity is  DRESS FOR SUCCESS AUCKLAND. I love that they help women who want to help themselves back into the workforce by instilling confidence from the outside-in AND inside-out. Their clients chose to help themselves when it'd be so much easier for them to simply put their hand out to or blame society and the government. We all affect each other in the choices we make, and their choices in helping themselves ends up having such a powerful domino effect not only in their pride, self-esteem and confidence, but theyre leading by example for their children, playing their part for a happier, healthier New Zealand. We all benefit out of these women finding the strength & dignity in taking the more difficult path, and I know firsthand how incredibly hard taking that higher road is. 

Thanks so much to ONE PERCENT COLLECTIVE, too, for making this so easy for us to lead from the front & support your vision to join the giving evolution. You guys rock!  


Jordan: 16 years, closet singer, YouTuber, compassion campaigner, family lover

The charity I've chosen to donate a percentage of my modelling earnings to is the Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre! I chose this charity because of not only the beautiful vision they have about giving children with special needs an equal chance to express themselves, but because personally, my youngest brother of 10 years old has Autism. The fact that there are people and organisations that are willing to support him, and others like him, is incredibly humbling, and if I can play my part in helping to expand their vision through the gifts that I have, then I feel awesomely honoured to do so!


Ben: Landscape gardener, music maker, dream catcher and transcendental meditaton-er

I’m keen to support project Jonah. I have a natural connection with the ocean, and whenever I need to take a few big deep breaths, to remember how grateful I am for where we live, I go to a beach. I love that through One percent, I’ll get to do my part for our precious ocean's inhabitants. I think it’s awesome that the people @One Percent and Over2U make it so easy for us to support charities we believe in so we really are doing, not just talking. If we all dropped a pebble in the pond, it would create a huge ripple effect to make change, so I have also put on my intentions list for this year to get more actively involved in a more hands-on way with Project Jonah too. 


Jaimee: Dancer, music appreciator, limit pusher

The Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre. I’m a dancer so of course I absolutely love music and I find it very therapeutic, so good for mind, body and soul. It’s my go-to mood booster whenever I’m feeling scared and helps me be the dancer I am. I think It’s a beautiful idea to be able to share your love of music and use it a tool to help others.


Simon: Father, business creator, mover & shaker

Hands down it’s Kaibosh - Zero food poverty. Zero food waste. Food poverty in NZ can not be tolerated. I want to support eliminating this problem for families in NZ. Being a father of beautiful children, this is something I care greatly about.


Dale: Risk-taker, multi business owner, life appreciator, happy & crazy-busy mother

Oh this is cool. For me, it's Raukatauri - anything to support children with special needs, music seems a beautiful way to help. Totally happy and excited to have an avenue where I can contribute to a charity of my choice. Loving that I am working/partnering with someone (aka Amanda Betts) who is starting with this principle in her business an collaborating with another collective to make stuff happen. So cool that it’s one of the first tasks on her tick list. 


Izaac: 17 years, snow ski racer, Arctic Monkeys appreciator, drummer & self taught guitar player

Amped4life is the charity I think so worth supporting because they’re committed to lowering the amount of alcohol & drug abuse on youth in NZ. Alcohol and drug abuse is a plague strangling society, especially with the horrific suicide stats in NZ. I personally believe people use drugs & alcohol as a form of escapism; to make them feel better. The problem is it only temporarily causes them to feel better. It’s not real. This becomes a huge problem when the effect has worn off, & I believe it can make people feel even worse once they’re trying to live in the real world again – which there’s no escaping from. We need to learn to feel good through achievements & experiences in life, even though it’s not always easy. amped4life provides insight into the depths of why people feel the need to turn to drugs & alcohol which is why I back them. So keep spreading the word to all the people, & especially the youth of NZ. At the end of the day, the choices we make today have an effect on what happens tomorrow. So even if you don’t have kids, or don’t have drug & alcohol problems, we all need to care. New Zealand's future depends on it.


Helena: 14 years, multi-school award winner, modeller, hard worker, friend adorer

I chose Spinning Top because it helps children with vulnerable lives. I believe this is incredibly important because these poor children are suffering through poverty, war, natural disasters and other serious problems and they can't grow into happy and healthy adults properly as they do not have enough basics like food, shelter, education etc. So we NEED to help them!! It will make me feel good knowing that with my help, I can do my bit to save these children's lives and make them they way they should be: healthy and happy. 


Willy J: Personal trainer, ex Air New Zealander, nephew adorer, ocean lover

Project Jonah will be my charity of choice!

 I'm a water boy and love what the ocean provides for us. Having worked with Air NZ for as long as I did, and then living and modelling in Dubai  so saving and working with our environment for the future is something that resonates into my being, so I'm all for as much support as possible! 

Save the whales and free Willy :-) 


Sandra Cochrane: Mother, laugher, partner, beach appreciator

What a great idea this is and I’m pleased to be a part of it. I grew up at Bethells Beach - the most beautiful place on earth as far as I'm concerned. Beaches like this give us so much pleasure, they deserve our love and respect in return. So I’m in and choosing the good people who're protecting and sustaining our coastlines; Sustainable Coastlines.


Wiremu: Singer, 6 pack ab packer, league player, songwriter

I'm definitely all for supporting the well-being of others. So although a part of me appreciates all the charities, I chose Spinning Top (giving balance to vulnerable children), reason being is that places like Thailand and Burma, citizens grow up being so much less fortunate than us. I like the idea that my money would go a long way in helping those young kids with stresses they shouldn’t have to be worrying about, simple things we in New Zealand take for granted in education, shelter, food etc. Good on ya, One percent!


Phoebe: 18 years, music maker, songbird singer, gap toother, make up appreciator

I choose the Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre. I'm already so invested into learning more about the amazing work these guys do! Because as someone who loves music, I believe it can benefit everyone and anyone no matter their level of intellect, social class, physical capability, background, culture or whatever. Anyone can enjoy music because there's such a vast spectrum of different music styles. 

Then the fact this charity revolves around providing musical therapy for disabled children just sang to me immediately. They embrace the idea that musical ability is something instilled in every human being and anyone has a deep subconscious ability to access it no matter what their capabilities.  

This is an idea I try to reiterate to many people I meet who don't believe they have musical talent. Of course the physical and mental benefits of the therapy just makes it that much more interesting and (for me personally) worth the attention to ensure it thrives. Good on you, Amanda! I think it’s awesome we’re all involved with this!


Chris Murray: Busker, musician, father, producer of sounds

It was hard to make a choice as I’d love to support all the charities. Being a musician and understanding how much music heals, how creative it is and it can even help save lives, it pulls at my heart. But perhaps what’s more pressing is the terribly sad fact our children are not receiving basic human needs. There’ll be no music to heal if our children freeze or starve to death.

I busk outside supermarkets and I observe what people go in and out of them to buy. And the sad thing is that many of these families are buying garbage processed crap food because the business of the food industry takes precedence over caring for what happens to others.  It upsets me terribly to think that nutritious food that can help brain function and sustain kids for a healthy life working from the inside out is harder for people to afford than food that doesn’t sustain. So I'm in. I feel honoured to be involved. So I choose to support Kaibosh. 


Christina Jane Preston: Stylista, proud mother, personal empowerer, yoga lover

I choose AMPED4LIFE.  

As an experienced teacher of secondary and adult education, and now as a facilitator of self empowerment and professional enhancement for men and women through my modality of personal styling - CJ Stylista, I know in my head and heart what one of the most challenging hurdles to my own self Love and creating positive relationships in my life truly has been. 

I have first-hand experience to the damaging, sometimes irreversible effects of alcohol and drugs for teens & young people. I’m well acquainted with the  threads and knot, the impact to people & families. It’s taken me years to shift the burden of self perception from my experiences. Most importantly, it’s the impact these issues has on their personal relationships with themselves. 

 NZ need organisations like AMPED4LIFE to care, educate, and share their own stories with and connect to a national community  of ‘help’ so they can make more informed choices  and to cut the isolation of those knots and threads. I love what they do for kids who are walking in my old shoes.


Jamie B: Champion sprint kayaker, edge returner, opportunity chaser, hard worker

Everything I do is beach and water oriented. The amount of healing, mental work and physical training I’ve done on the water, I never stop being really grateful for our clean waters in the big scheme of things.  So it’s Sustainable Coastlines for me, all the way. I also like the fact I can get to see where my donations will go, as well as the whole planet benefits from clean oceans and coastlines, allowing space for nature to be. We’re the lucky ones that get to play in their playground.


Don: Dedicated run-around father, dragon boater, sport watcher

I received information about the charities and this statement from Kaibosh’s website on One Percent really resonated with me: ‘Financial assistance is invaluable to us. For each $10 that we receive in donations we are able to rescue and redistribute 7kg of food. That’s the equivalent of 21 nutritious meals provided for those who may otherwise go without.

Isn’t it amazing to think that such a small amount as $10 can be stretched so far when we possibly so easily take for granted the real value of that $10? Being the happy and proud father that I am, the idea that children in our beautiful New Zealand are suffering when they’re our future, definitely Kaibosh is the charity for me.


Chloe: Make up artist educator, tv presenter (in the making), happy teens supporter

All the charities are great, and I feel honoured to be a part of this initiative One percent have created. For me as a former high school teacher, I have a huge passion for teenagers, and now I’m doing all sorts of bits & pieces (including being one of the Over2U tutors for make up and grooming) for Amanda and Over2U, so it was easy to choose Amped4Life. I know just how vulnerable our young people are to drug and alcohol dependency. We have a culture of binge drinking and recreational drug use in this country, which is, quite frankly- scary. I’ve also seen some great talent be squashed by alcohol and drug addiction, which breaks my heart.  Investing in the education of our young people is key in terms of addressing this social issue. Our young people are our future- we need to take care of them. So my money is behind Amped4Life!


Sev: Model maker mother, tireless hard worker, harmony seeker

As a mum of two gorgeous teen girls (one's a mode, the other an emerging actress) and a curious & boisterous  18month old boy, and because I’m working with Amanda of Over2U on a few projects, I’m all about doing my bit for the future, and taking care of it in any way I possibly can. So it was easy for me to choose the amazing and dedicated crew of AMPED4LIFE. I’ve watched drug & alcohol issues and the knock-on effect of the lengths people will go to for their hits, tear families, and communities apart. So anything I can do that will help encourage even one teen to make better life choices, to find the happiness within themselves that is abundantly available, then it is worth my efforts and money. Thanks One Percent for taking action and helping us make it easy to support charities close to our hearts.