This story by REBECCA BARRY HILL changed my life path. It touches on some of what really happened in my childhood and how I turned my life around to help others help themselves in NZ HERALD CANVAS MAGAZINE: FROM PAIN COMES TRIUMPH: ‘Rebecca Barry Hill meets three women whose suffering taught them survival — and led them to success’

"What's so amazing about my job is I use all of that strength. There are no excuses with me. Because one of the biggest things my past has taught me is how to be an opportunist.

“Opportunity is nothing if you do nothing with it. No one's going to do it for you.

"I wouldn't say I'm grateful for what happened but I'm grateful for the way I am and the choices I was able to make. I'm grateful for psychotherapy - it helped immensely. And I'm grateful for my spirit, my really hard spirit. Because, in theory, I shouldn't be here, in such a nurturing role, taking care of people and being such a part of their journey with them. I should be a failure."