‘The Value of a man is not measured by what he does for himself to make his life easier, but measured by what he does for others to make their lives easier’ –Eric Thomas

Welcome to the Bridge The Gap Project Shop: the place you can feel good while doing good as you shop! We have bracelets, cute totes, candles, cosmetics, tanks & PRE-LOVED DESIGNER OUTFITS all at way below retail prices!

We believe all youth have a right to be given opportunities and tools to learn to work from surviving to thriving, to feel good about themselves, no matter their background, financial status, or where they hail from. So we elect to findraise and rally donations to offer disadvantaged youth equal opportunities and clothing, product and shoe donations.

Youth are our constant source of inspiration and everything we sell tells a story. So we’re on a mission, a journey of epic proportions: to help young people help themselves understand the feeling of self-belief through confidence building experiences using fashion as the foundation. Because everyone needs to wear clothes.

It takes us as little as $39 plus a load of love and hard work to dress a disadvantaged teen using a combination of donated, pre loved, vintage and community store/thrift shop clothes. So you’ll see everything is super-cheap at $39, $78, $117 or $156 with the proceeds of every sale going toward dressing disadvantaged teens and giving them confidence building experiences.

NOTE: the humans among the clothes on the studio floor in the above picture & what they're wearing is not for sale! 

And to make it super-easy for you to click and buy without the worry of what goes with what, we’ve engaged regular guest stylists to put outfits together.

We’re more than just clothes, though. We collaborate with people who are totally into what we’re doing to bring you a variety of products:

BAGS. Ryan Meta ‘Many Hands Make Light Work’ totes are inspired by Grace Jones’ quote: ‘I believe in individuality, that everybody is special, and it’s up to them to find that quality and let it live.’ The gold star represents our youth and to help them believe in their own inner star, knowing they’re supported by people who care about them, their welfare and their future.

BRACELETS. Lindi Kingi ‘Freedom of Choice’ bracelets: the solid star charm represents our youth while the outer star represents all who care for our youth in caregivers, Whanau, CYF social workers, teachers etc. The wing’s the freedom of choice we always have in our words, thoughts and actions no matter what’s happening around or to us, while the lava beads signify strength from fire. The red beads remind us to always follow our heart and connect to our root chakra, our foundation, which represents abundance.

TANKS. Kingan-Jones ‘Somebody’ tanks: You don’t need to spend a fortune to feel expensive. Claire Kingan-Jones has kindly donated over 150 units of luxurious, silky-smooth high-quality spandex-poly tanks to the BTGP. Usually $75 retail, be in quick to snap up your tank as our stock is the last of them.

COSMETICS. Samala Cosmetics: ‘Confidence is a necessity, not a luxury.’ To celebrate the launch of our shop, we bring you some of Samala’s hot picks all at far below retail prices ensuring quality is affordable. This offer won’t last so be quick snapping these gorgeous cosmetics up!

CANDLES. MOR in association with TLC bring you these beautiful ‘Young at Heart’ candles. $5 from each MOR/TLC candle sold will go to helping people who have brain cancer while the teens of BTGP benefit too. Talk about win-win!

OUTFITS. We have fresh outfits hitting our store regularly. Be quick for our $39er Thursday specials!  Every ‘model’ comes from our confidence courses or is a participant of our $39 Challenge Day (check the dealio out here), so you’ll see people of all shapes and sizes feeling the fear and doing it anyway and experiencing the gift it is to feel like a model.

We never put our hand out, but we shamelessly put our hand up. This shop is one of many ways we ask you to help us help others help themselves in a way where everyone can benefit. So jump onboard. Help us help others help themselves! Book a life changing confidence-building experience here.

With a grateful and open heart,

Amanda & the people of the Bridge The Gap Project