“Tell us a little about the artist you’re going to be, tonight #MontyModelDog.”

“Well, RYAN. This artist is a talented, creative and colourful creature, and, like me, is certainly her own person (I’m just stuck in a dog’s body).

She learnt to play the piano by ear at age 4 and started composing original ballads when she was 13. I’d long been modeling by the time I was 4 (in dog years) for the likes of NZ WEDDINGS, GERMAN GQ and M2 MAGAZINE. So yeah, we share discovering our talent from a young age.



She was once cited by Chicago cops for indecent exposure for wearing hot pants in public. I personally won’t do hotpants. They asked me if I wanted to wear tight pants in digital shots with models. Dude, WT…? No!

And my artist has used meat to make a dress and uses Great Danes in her videos. My vet reckons I’ve got a bit of Great Dane in me, which explains the way my cheeks move when I walk (apparently I swagger).

I’ve seen some people I love being bullied so I can’t stand bullying. My artist was bullied at school. I love she got the last laugh on them, though, when she made the cover of Vogue and Tweeted: “They used to call me ‘rabbit teeth’ in school and now I’m a real live VOGUE BEAUTY QUEEN." I made the cover of TIMEOUT WITH #LORDE myself. Look who’s walking the walk now (and they said dogs don’t belong on catwalks)!

Anyway, that’s inspired me to break outside the box and dare to be different today, Ryan. I’ve included the photo my mum AMANDA BETTS took of me and the photographer, GARTH BADGER of THIEVERY STUDIOS (the guy who took the picture of me and #LORDE. Check out his pics of his skeleton, WINSTON & ME).”

 “Well, errr… that’s fantastic! So tell us who you’re going to be tonight, #MontyModelDog.”

“Tonight, RYAN, I’m going to be…”

Gaga & monty
Monty & garth
They asked me if I wanted to wear hot pants with this guy. Dude WT? No!
— MontyModelDog

‘Dog’s never bite me. Just humans.’ –Marilyn Monroe