“Tell us a little about the artist you’re going to be, tonight #MontyModelDog.”

“Well, Ryan. This artist creates controversy. Personally I want to be known to make people smile or laugh. 

My artist got his first big break through No I.D., a veteran hip hop producer and VP at Def Jam who taught this artist how to produce beats giving him his start in the music business - all because their mums forced the two to hang out. It’s a bit like how my mum made me hang out and shoot with #LORDE...

My artist made a dog’s breakfast of his speech at the VMA’s when he strayed from his scripted monologue at the live televised Concert for Hurricane Relief saying "George Bush doesn't care about black people." I feel like saying that Auckland City (Council) doesn’t care enough about dogs. Or that they judge all dogs according to the bad behaviour by a small handful of dogs. Just because one dog bites or misbehaves, doesn’t mean we all do. What about the owners? They're the ones who need training! Drives me barking mad. 

Despite the controversy, though, some good my artist’s done for the world is using money from his "Diamonds From Sierra Leone" music video to raise awareness about blood diamonds and the abuse of human rights that happen in the mining process. I saw on ZOOLANDER how difficult it was for DEREK to survive the darkness of the mining caves. And after watching Leo’s movie BLOOD DIAMONDS, I was inspired to dress as this artist today, Ryan.”

“Errrr. Well gee that’s great. So, tell us who you’re going to be tonight, #MontyModelDog.”

“Tonight, Ryan, I’m going to be...”

Monty & Kanye

And diamonds are forever. But with bullying & trolling being such a silent killer these days, our words and actions speak volumes - especailly once they come out of our mouth or off our fingertips (I can't do computers myself...last time I tried that, I lost a bunch of my mum's work. I just wanted a cuddle...). As much as I'm a little (maybe a lot) terrified of cats, we could all afford to be more cat-like in our words: “If animals could speak, the dog would be a blundering outspoken fellow; but the cat would have the rare grace of never saying a word too much.” ― Mark Twain