“...rather than assuming that education is primarily about preparing for jobs and careers, what would it mean to think of education as a process of guiding kids' participation in public life more generally, a public life that includes social, recreational, and civic engagement.”― Mizuko Ito, Living and Learning with New Media: Summary of Findings from the Digital Youth Project

How active are you on social media? Where do you go to learn more about it? Do you have a child who runs rings around you when it comes to social media? Does social media scare you senseless? Did you know there are recruiters who place more emphasis on your social media than they do your shiny CV?

You guessed it. This post is about social media. Oh, and a cute guy I've engaged to tell you more about about it because when it comes to SOCIAL MEDIA, he knows his stuff. Better still, I know he loves it because not only is it his day job, but he posts regularly on his own YouTube Channel. 

Personally, I avoided social media like the combination of jeggings, a fleecy and crocs for ages. I blamed that I didn’t want to buy into advertising or marketing consumption.  Why would I want to engage in others’ posts about which opening of a fridge door they attended? 

Truth is it was fear. Fear that people would judge me by how many ‘likes’ I didn’t have. What could I talk about interesting enough for people to read, hear or engage in? How was it valuable? What was the purpose of it, really? 

Having worked with 1000’s of teens in my time as a model agent, I eventually started engaging in social media. People were answering Facebook messages to others faster than I could text ‘The-quick-brown-fox-jumps-over-the-lazy-dog’. I used to leave a message on their answer phone...Ha! That old-fashioned communication method. Let alone many seldom had the credit to listen anyway. 

So although I kicked and screamed all the way to eventually upgrading to an iPhone, now I couldn’t imagine life without it. 

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I’ve seen some shocking stories being told through social media too. Posts where people think they’re being clever or funny do offer some great entertainment, though. Not that entertainment was their intention. #Lol #YOLO. And once that stuff's been seen, there ain’t no unseeing it. 

So how do you make social media work for you? What is the objective or intention of your posts? What stories are you telling about you? Because that’s what social media does: it’s another communication tool that tells a story of you for you. 


Example: you can see I love dressing up #MONTYMODELDOG as my own BARBIE DOG. I do it because it makes people smile.

What story do these posts tell?


I've spoken to several recruiters and the fact of the matter is people who are looking to employ or engage with you, once you've got past the first post with your amazing CV and striking profile pictures, then go to your...tah dah! SOCIAL MEDIA. You want to make sure your social media’s telling the story you want told. IT’S PERSONAL BRANDING. 

Anyway, I’m not an expert on social media, although I absolutely love learning so I’m always looking to improve. So I've engaged someone who can answer YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA QUESTIONS! HashtagBRILLIANT! 

Allow me to introduce my first regular contributor, TENANI FRENCH!

Not only have I scouted this guy to do some tele work (look at that face, that cheeky grin and he certainly doesn’t have problems talking to camera!), TENANI is passionate about social media. I'm dubious on his passion for that doughnut on his LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP SURVIVAL GUIDE post, though (smiley face).

TENANI and I are also writing up the social media section of my NEW PROGRAMMES, COURSES & WORKSHOPS, coming soon. So embrace your fears, hit us up for all things social media, give us your feedback and # us! #LOL.